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Havva is a wonderful and extremely nice and funny person. she might say things to you that are mean but don't take it seriously because she's just kidding. whoever has a Havva in their life....never let them go because they are the best and will stand up for you 24/7.This girl is fierce so don't cross her or you will be sorry.
girl: Havva is sooooo fierce!
o/girl: I know!
by EWIN527 May 15, 2018
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Greek goddess.

Get's parro about the smallest things.
woah, you're getting a bit Havva Parro
by lo123489 June 26, 2016
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A positive phrase to counter ligma, sugma, etc.
Person 1: "I support havva all the way!"

Person 2: "What's havva?"

Person 1: "Havva nice day!"
by I hope ghosts believe in me October 24, 2018
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