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To have vaginal sex. Simple, yes? Well, after about 6 pumps (being the male of course), you shove 4 sticks of dynamite up the woman's vagina. You threated to light them unless given what you want. You then force her on to the roof of a semi, and staple her feet to it while she is standing up. Next, you drive down the highway at approximately 75mph and drive under a bridge that is indeed taller than your semi, but shorter than your semi plus the woman. After the bridge, you insert your ballsack into her decapitated head and wear it around town. You will most likely end up starting a new trend, so you might as well love it now, for in a few months, all the new hipsters will be doing the same thing.

***NOTE: The female population may see a drastic drop.
Hipster: I liked Haunted Waffles before they were mainstream.
by Woobiefuck April 28, 2011
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