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Possibly the stupidest idea ever conceived, and it's never used right. Ever.

Hate groups are basically some people that dislike something, so they band together into a hate group.

The biggest problems with hate groups are:

1. Once you hate something enough to band together with a bunch of strangers, there really is no talking you out of it. So 90% of the hate groups' members are intolerant dickheads that will shelve anything you say if it's not exactly their opinion.

2. Hate groups often target one small portion on something. So if one guy calls you a fat-fuck inbred and acts like a dumbshit, everyone relating to that person must obviously be that way. Thus, everything positive is heresy.

3. Hate groups never really give up (Rick Astley). Combined with the first problem, they will most-likely do anything to convert you to their side. You like a T.V. show I don't? You obviously want to fuck the characters and you instantly gain a few hundred pounds, a neckbeard and have autism. Why? Because I said so.
Think of all the shitty hate groups out there, like the Westboro Baptist Church. Do you like the WBC? Fuck no. Why? Cause they force shit down everyone's throats. And if you try to talk them out of it, they mentally plug their ears going ALALALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!!!! and then tell you to fuck off because having a different opinion is evil. Now, think of all the good hate groups... Which ones? Exactly. There are no 'good' hate groups. Because hatred starts out small, then builds up until you wanna fucking choke somebody, then you go full retard and fuck something completely over until you're banned, arrested or even murdered.

Life would be better not with hate groups, but will reasoning. But I'm sorry, we live in the "FUK U U FUCING FAGET #YOLO#SWAG DUBSTEP!!!!! LE FUNEH STUFF LELELELELELEELLELLLELLELE XDXDXDXDXDXDDXDDDDDXDXDXDXDXXDXD" generation. It would actually be easier to play Poker with a wall than talk some sense into these plebians.
by Mister Cookie January 08, 2013
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