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Poor quality posts combined with overuse of unhelpful hashtags
#Only #a #hashhole #would #use #that #many #hashtags
by its_el_not_le March 05, 2015
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A hole you get dragged hole you get dragged into when you smoke to mu him hash
Friend-"man I need to stop smoking I think I'm entering the hash hole"

Me-"it's safe here in the hash hole"
by Wogman7 May 23, 2018
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Someone that uses too many hashtags in a post
WTF? Why does Frank keep using all these hash tags??? What a hashhole!!!
by FrankNBeans May 25, 2013
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The little burn marks you get on a tile floor when the hot ambers falls off of the hash knives that one is burning.
"WOW!! Look at all the hashholes we put in the kitchen floor during last nights party."
"Next time I'll handle the knives that way we don't get so many hashholes in the floor"
by CSTAPLETON December 01, 2011
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