Haset is a wonderful and kind person who always thinks about everyone.
They never ignore anyone and they are hard working and they do things perfectly.
Hasets are some of the prettiest people in the world and they have such lovely hair.
And a very hot voice.
They have amazing leadership skills
Person 1: Do you see Haset over there?
Person 2: oh yeah they're so pretty
by cheeseisfantastic December 17, 2021
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Im always getting told something to do by Haset
by GizzleDAMartian January 23, 2021
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They are always there for people and never judge people.Even when Haset is dealing with her own problems she is always there for people and very funny and nice to hang out with. They will make your heart glow everytime your with them and they are really generous. They are always unappreciated but always there when you need them and always so understanding and they are very hot. They are so gorgeous and have such a great body and they are fine and so hot.
Person1:"Omg haset is always there for me i love them so much."
Person2:"Yeah i love them to and they are so pretty and i can trust them with my heart."
by rightttttttttt February 26, 2023
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