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1. Literally means Peppered Rabbit. Can also be used for rabbit stew or for a dish made from marinated or wild rabbits.
2. First seen by mass audiences in a couple of Bugs Bunny Cartoons.
I saw the cartoon where the chef wanted to make hasenpfeffer of Bugs. Bugs got away, of course.
by Annette Lynn S. August 23, 2005
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To grab your sexual partner by the ears from behind while in a "doggy style" position in order to provide more force per thrust. Hasenpfeffer is also a meal made out of rabbit, hence its use to grab the other person by their bunny ears. Can be used as a noun or verb.
1. Amy came over last night, and she was horny as hell. I hasenpfeffered her like an ape-man!
2. Hey, want me to give you the hasenpfeffer!?
by Mary Melee February 28, 2015
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