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a guy who wears all black and believes saying ‘wus poppin b’ is a effective way to pick up girls.....
HarryG - ‘hey, wus poppin b?’
by Carys1756 February 09, 2019
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A fat piece of shit that has been known to fuck dogs and touch people inappropriately.
by Troy Goff May 25, 2018
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a total boss that gets all the women but then also has a sweet fruity side deep down that makes all the girls llove him but has a hardcore g status exterior, usually blastin some old gangsta rap g funk, usually in his old car.
bro 1: yo check that guy out he looks so gangstaa leann but hes mackin some madd hot girls.

bro 2: dude its gotta be harryG
by nigT June 29, 2011
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