Full of very wet children. Girls and boys thinking they’re peng and teachers yelling all the time as they can’t actually teach. The girls are boring and no different to eachother and the boys are very prestige and yet again, Boring! The school accepts many people who have been kicked out ,along with sending the people who they have been kicked out typically to another harris ( hasn, haun, etc...) . The building looks and feels like a prison and if you attend Harris Beckenhamfor a long period of time you will gradually become depressed with each day it getting worse and worse. It’s an awful enviorment and parents send their children there thinking it’s a good school when it isn’t in the slightest. DO NOT COME TO HABE. I repeat or you WILL regret it. Absolute cowpat of a school. I am very happy to be leaving this academy.
You go to Harris Beckenham? That’s an opp school. I feel bad for you man.”
by thehardtruth. July 29, 2019