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An historic establishment originally opened on the South side which now has multiple locations in the city of Chicago.The main staple is the fried chicken, but they serve damn near everything.
Nia went to Harold's on Cottage Grove to get a four piece with mild sauce and a grape pop (note: we say pop in Chicago not soda)

Or in Chicago you'd hear...

Mannnnn joe, that Harold's was on point. (translation: Wow my friend, that chicken was good)

Note: No one calls it by the full name "Harold's Chicken Shack"
by sharpjewel January 02, 2008
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It's that ghetto restaurant chain on the south side of Chicago that be serving everything behind bullet proof glass with either hot or mild sauce, mild sauce being some ghetto conccoction involving hot sauce, barbeque sauce and pepper.
Jamal met his shorty, Alicia, and done bought her a two wing plate with mild sauce, pepper and a grape soda at the Harold's Chicken Shack over on Cottage Grove.
by RLp May 25, 2005
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