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Harmanya means 'My precious' or 'My treasure'. It is a word that personifies perfection with fluttery wings.

A person who is a Harmanya is blessed with physical perfection, including a delicious roundedness of form. A Harmanya is happy, cheerful, light hearted and extremely funny, with an adoratioin for anything pretty or shinny.

Harmanya's collect anything that amuses them.

Harmanya's are not so keen on eating oranges but will often smell colours, for example, purple.

Harmanya's never shag rocks, though they sometimes poop apples.
"That girl isn't a gigglehole at all, actually I love her, she is SO Harmanya"

"Before you, my whole life was acapella, now a Harmanya is the only song I sing."

"Hmm...smell baked apples? It's Harmanya for dinner and desert
by Missy Moo Moo May 09, 2011
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