The place for Chinese knockoff tools at ok prices.
When you walk into a harbor freight store the smell of Chinese knockoff plastic will nock you off your feet.
by deez nuts 359021 March 14, 2018
The adult/handyman/DIY'ers equivalent to a candy store.
On weekends I love to wander the aisles at Harbor Freight.
by Phildoismyname May 5, 2018
The best of the worst. Tool and widget retailer in the U.S. who sells heap, sketchy, one-time-use tools made only of the finest Chinesium. These products typically are all labled "Known to the state of Cancer to cause california". Other names for this retailer include "Harmful Fright Fools" and "The Usual Scumbags". Don't forget to engage your Safety Squints when using the brittle, shrapnel-sending devices purchased here.
I don't have enough money to buy a "Fap-On" tool... Guess I will head down to the usual scumbags "Harbor Freight" to purchase some cancer.
by bumblefuckeryinc September 27, 2021