When a dude is blowing a dude and gets so happy that he pees on the pillow while the other dude ejaculates on his face.
Gregg had to throw away his pillow after his boyfriend gave him a happy puppy.
by Greggy Henderson November 14, 2008
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when a girl is sucking dick, and she wags her face back and forth like a dog with a bone
give me a happy puppy but don't bite too hard...
by thom.rosemary September 13, 2008
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The best website known to man, it's even better than pornhub.
You should whack off to happy puppies , it's the best porn website ever.
by CHEW KOK March 10, 2015
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national happy puppies day is on april 15th don’t forget to comment happy puppies on every post you see
yo! did you see emma comment happy puppies on jason’s post for national happy puppies day?
by uheggo April 3, 2021
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happy puppies.
did you see eggo comment happy puppies on her post?
by uheggo April 23, 2021
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A friend of Mexican decent who is considered to be cute, like a puppy, and is always happy.
Dude, my dog died...
Its okay, we always have our Happy Amigo Puppy.
by curvybanana123 May 18, 2011
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