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A gangbang, but specifically a gangbang with a stripper or professional sex worker of some type. The implication is an impromptu gangbang usually with the stripper hired in for a bachelor party, or the strip-a-gram girl sent out to some other type of stag event or sausage fest.
While not an event which to fit the definition requires consent, there is some implication of it being a business transaction, the terms might not be particularly favorable for the provider as the settled upon price may have been influenced by the fact that the provider was naked and outnumbered.
As expected, this occurs more frequently when the sex worker is inexperienced or unprepared for the scene, but it also tends to plague providers who are overweight or are less attractive for some reason or another.
When a Happy Funtime Party is initiated because the party goers were disappointed with the stripper the ensuing activity can easily degenerate into a Pig Fucking Contest.
That may have been the most whiskey tango bachelor party I've ever attended, the stripper was pushing 40 and had a prosthetic leg and a lazy eye and she took an extra fifty to upgrade the toy show into a happy funtime party.
by Phineas T July 05, 2009
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