something thats hard to explane and is very spontanious. usually is a great start to the day and sometimes comes with a feeling on antisipation.

the opposite of a sad feeling which usually isnt very good.
example one: when you get a ticket to see your most favourite band ever and you cant help but smile and be happy. that is the happy feeling, after that comes the antisipation.

example two: when you found out that youve passed a test or when opening a present.
by AlExSwOrD April 17, 2010
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An emotional and or physical feeling of happiness.
That cheese burger from your happy meal gave me happy feels. Thanks bruh!
by Mightyrighthand April 30, 2016
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may 2 is the official MAKE YOUR GIRL FEEL HAPPY DAY! Basically do everything that would make her happy.
its make your girl feel happy day !
by LoOoCooo! April 17, 2021
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