1. Someone who lives in a rural area and eats dirt and lavender.
2. A gay person
Tom: I met a Happy Person yesterday and they were very nice and I think I might want to be one.
Larry: Good for you do what you want

Note this works for both Definitions
by A possum possum December 31, 2021
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Said to the birthday day person. It signifies that this day was special for your birth and we (you) hope you (they) have a great one.
Happy birthday person's name birth:
Erick: Happy Juan birth
Juan: ;O
by Gigasit November 19, 2021
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Greatest person to exist-
I like em :)/p
happy person is great
by Løcal Loñely Pyrømxn!ãc December 12, 2021
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Socially awesome but awkwardly finding yourself non existing when you're alone
I have a happy personality but sad soul dont ask for my opinion.
by Gzus1011 December 31, 2022
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