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1) A way of thinking. A most meaningfull axiom. A terrible- to-behold source of epiphany that makes everyone who hears, or sees, or otherwise perceives it think that they have not fully understood their social, physical and > environments.

2) The best way of saying "Happy New Year" to someone who a friend or dating service has recommended to you, but you, a person who has no usefull social skills, can not develop an organized conversation or teach them anything or impression yourself in any other way. Use it.

3) A way to write "happy new year" spread across the public domain by total idiots who do not realize the importance of never mentioning intoxication and other alcohol references to recovering problem drinkers.
I wrote once on a group mail (I do not think that it was on New Years Eve) 'Happy *Nupe* Year!'.
by Legatus 1T-TA1 December 13, 2007
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