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good looking
well endowed
of asian heritage(if not your parents were stoned when they named you)
funny name
teases fat people
likes chicken

"that guy reminds me of hanwen"
"he looks like a hanwen"
"i slept with a hanwen last night"
by pilot man May 28, 2008
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~The nicest sister anyone could every have
~Funny lady
~Very good at managing her money
~Always have a smile on her face
~Mini Cooper Lover
~Her love for Mini is way over obsessive!! Haha
~Love ya for the Ipod!! Thank you!!
by lOvEgEnErAtIoN92 December 12, 2004
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Great person.
Teases fat people.
Hates his water bottle.
Is transgender.
Looks cool.
Picks his nose in public.
Mean to friends.
Is usually a otaku.
One hundred percent accurate definition.
I met a Hanwen the other day.

Did you like him?
No, he was like my friend Hanwen.
Wow, you know 2 Hanwens? I feel bad.
by D4m0n Ch10u M1ll3r June 05, 2018
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