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Hanover, MA is a town filled with dumbasses. Though there are a few rare exceptions, Hanoverian's have been somehow able to live amongst each other willingly for ever. Upon getting your license the average HHS 16 yr old gets a car nicer than most of your parents drive, which they will proceed to crash within three weeks of being able to drive. although they will not receive punishment because everyone in Hanover is somehow related to someone somewhere that ends up clearing their name. Everyone who graduates from Hanover High, who was on the football or field hockey team, never leaves Hanover. They are what we call "Stuck in High School", in fact even several years after graduation you will still find several of our football stars at the junior and senior prom. You'll also find them working at Shaw's, Sears, Go-Go's, and you can count on the best looking under aged and college drop outs, will be working at Mary Lou's. The pathetic truth is that their pampered lifestyles and lack of common sense, lands most all of it's unworthy inhabitants filled with even more love for this rather unrealistic lifestyle. On average 85% of HHS graduates end up back at home with their parents, just chillin with their high school pals. This disturbing suburbia is a black hole in mass, that should be removed, although if you ever visit, no one will agree because most everyone believes that Hanover is Heaven. Don't let the beautiful homes, and beautiful people distract you, Hanover is a shit hole.
Actual Hanover, Ma Chant: "We're more ruthless!"
by backinhvrfml December 06, 2009
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