'Handsome guys' is a phrase used by John Mak (a teacher in LSC) very often. This phrase represents students that is taught by him.
John Mak: Handsome guys? Time for your maths lesson!
Student A: Am I really handsome?
Student B: Don't be so 8745
by DirtyUtensilsAreDirty October 24, 2020
he is hot and handsome
by FRANK ZHONG November 18, 2020
The most handsome boy in the world is named Nathan, he is perfect and absolutely amazing. He is cute and handsome as fuck. He is so caring and is truly a gentleman. This boy is overall perfect in every single way. He's the type of guy who will love you and all your flaws. He will see you for who you are and that is the most attractive thing. Not to forget about his hair, goddamn his hair is perfect as well as his handsome eyes and cute smile. His laugh will always make you smile because its the cutest thing. Nathan is the most handsome and perfect boy in the world.
by Nnyladnek January 27, 2021