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Hamster Huffing was invented in the town of Lurgan in the late bronze age by chieftain Ryan McNeill during a bare-bollock wrestling match with gay giant Finn McCool. Legend has it that four-and-twenty orange fighting hamsters were intestinally huffed by flame-haired McNeill before he exploded in a ball of methane gas and pubic hair. His remains are believed to have been buried in the grounds of the Junior High School from whence it is believed he shall rise again, leading a zombie army of ginger gobshites on the day of Ragnarok . Hamster-huffers are recognisable by their hoodies. persistent smell of eggy-farts and the signature cry of "Yeoooooo" uttered at the peak of their huffing ecstasy).
Hollywood movie star Richard Gere was well known for his hamster-huffing exploits
by GingerMcNeill April 05, 2012
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