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A beautiful, tiny town in the famous Hamptons of Long Island, part of the larger, more famous town of Southampton. Though it may be small it is the most populated of the Hamptons year round. It thrives in the summer when the usually small town blooms with tourists whom the locals call "cidiots".
It is not the richest of the Hamptons but it is still very nice
The beaches are exquisite and some of the local food, such as that at Slow Jack's is great.
There are many pizza places, nail/hair salons and chinese food places which the people who live there think is quite funny.
hamptons southampton ponquogue cidiots Slo Jack's hampton bays
by malloroid April 16, 2009
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The arm pit of The Hamptons.
Sometimes called Harlem Bays by locals.
Home to the boardy barn.
In the summer you will find many expensive cars here and few cidiots that actually know how to drive them. It sucks. In the sucks even harder...if that's possible.
Kid 1: Ok ok ok say the first thing that comes to mind...hampton bays

Kid 2: Sucks!
by wailingbanshee June 15, 2008
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Part of the Hamptons on the East End of Long Island.
All the celebrities and rich cidiots have houses on Dune Road and hog up Ponquogue Beach in the summer with their expensive cars which they can't even drive like a normal person with.
Has middle-class people who actually live there in the winter as well as the summer too!
Home of the Boardy Barn.
Most of the public school kids are ether mexican or white, but neither know how to dress.
The most exciting thing in the entire town is a movie theater that barley plays popular new releases until after they come out on DVD.
Jane: "Hey let's go to Hampton Bays!"
John: "Why? Hampton Bays is mad ghetto."
Jane: "Uhm no, that would be Riverhead if anyplace; there is no resemblance to any ghetto and especially not Harlem. Just snobby kids who probably go to Mercy and aren't great full for what they actually have."
by lokij March 19, 2009
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