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Hampshire High School, or HHS, is a public high school in Hampshire, Illinois that is currently in a building that is completely unnecessarily huge. The current one they're in was finished being built in 2008. Hampshire is filled with boys who think they're better than everyone and girls who complain about it. There are cameras all over the school and if you go into the front office you see a computer with all the different camera angles on it... I guess HHS just wants to be your typical jail? I don't really know.

Although the past football season was a letdown, basketball is a different story. Actually did decent! It is one of three HS's in D300, the others being Jacobs HS and Dundee-Crown HS. It's pretty much the pussy school of the three, considering it has the least amount of people and they're all literally in the suburbs... aka corn, corn, galore. At least Algonquin and Carpentersville have civilization.

But that's okay because the lockers are so cute and stubby and the lunch food is to die for! Four stars!

And that's about all there is to HHS... thank you for your time and cooperation.
HHS student: I hate Hampshire High School, can I transfer to Jacobs or something??
HJD student: Uhhhh

Hampshire boy: Love getting bitches left and right thrown at me! What more could I ask for?
Other Hampshire boy: I don't know, dude, maybe if someone threw a party every once and a while we'd get laid...

Hampshire girl: Wahhhh :'( hml... boys suck
by Whazzzzuphehe June 24, 2011
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