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A moniker used to refer to the fictional relationship between Dr. Gregory House and Dr. Allison Cameron on the hit TV show, "House, M.D".

It is one of the best examples of a "meant to be" relationship on any TV show, and the chemistry Hugh Laurie and Jennifer Morrison create on-screen is, at times, almost able to melt the television screens, as well as the hearts of the wide fan-base that supports this relationship.

Jennifer Morrison is renowned for backing the idea of the "Hameron" - also referred to as HC, HCam and House/Cam more commonly - and Cameron's affection for House is often discussed in interviews.

As of Season 4, many House fans were devastated when Cameron, Chase and Foreman were 'replaced' by a new set of 'ducklings'. But they all returned, much to the fans' relief and Cameron returned sporting blonde hair.

Cameron, as has been mentioned in canon, has stayed involved in House's new team and her ability to stand up for herself against House is a characteristic of their relationship that will continie to spark up the screens. Hopefully, the day will come when the best ship on House will become canon!
"Omg did you see the episode House and Cam made out?! The HOTTEST TV MOMENT in Hameron history! At least until they finally just jump each other."
by Amylia April 26, 2008
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