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Any small pork-based product which does not require refrigeration and can therefore be kept on one's person for extended journeys; usually associated with mail-order holiday food baskets. i.e. summer sausages and miniature ham.
"We have a long drive ahead of us. Let's grab a ham grenade for the road."
by Foobaknid February 05, 2010
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Noun. An unattractive hambeast that goes clubbing with attractive women. The ham grenade 's pin will be pulled the second her more attractive friends attract male attention. Terrified of being forced to go home alone, the ham grenade will ruthlessly mock you, refuse to laugh at your jokes and generally do everything in her power to sabotage any would-be suitors. This is where a good wingman comes in. The wingman's job is to "throw himself" on the ham grenade ie sleep with her.
Man, did you see those girls last night? Nines and Tens round that whole table, dude. Pity they had a major league ham grenade in tow.

Naw dude, I scored one of those chicks. Miles was an awesome wingman to throw himself on that ham grenade like that.

Here's to Miles, you'll be missed buddy.
by billyoh February 18, 2014
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