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(n.)a highly competitive drinking game that can be played under four variations:

(stopwatch recomended)

Original: Good if you're bored or need a fast pre-game. Evenly split a beer into two cups with a partner. Choose a desired time limit (e.g. - 1 minute and 30 seconds) and within the allotted time both you and your partner must finish their respective half beers. Consecutive rounds are played back to back with no "rest period" until a player can not make the time limit. The winner then challenges another player.

Twist: Follow "Orignal" rules, yet as you finish a round, decrease the time allotted by 15 second increments.

Elimination: Split amongst a larger group of people (best to have even amount of people so everyone gets half a beer). This is strictly a race. Whoever finishes thier portion last is elminated and then the rest of the players move onto the following rounds until a winner is declared. Every round is to be played back to back with no "rest period".

Team Relay aka Flip Cup Variant: split into 2 even teams. Each player gets half a beer. One player from each team starts to chug thier drink. The next player in line can not start until the empty cup of the player before him is placed on the table. Simply a relay type race. The losing team must add the remaining beer (if any)from the winning teams cups to thier own ontop of thier respective half beers. Once again no "rest period" is allowed between rounds.
mike and joe love playing half beersiosos in connecticut.
by Mike Lowenthal August 04, 2006
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