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A small town located in Passaic County, NJ. Haledon was developed along the northern side of the industrial city of Paterson, New Jersey. It was settled by farmers with colonial Dutch heritage including the Van Riper, Berdan, Banta, Post and Zabriskie families. Prior to the Civil War they were joined by the Roe, Leonard and Stansfield families, who helped establish St. Mary's Episcopal Church and leading businesses including a general store and the Leonard Wax Company.

The area became a streetcar suburb of Paterson in the years following the Civil War, with the central area known as Haledon, while the area surrounding the large pond along High Mountain Road was called Oldham. This town is the place to live in, because its way safer than Paterson. It borders Paterson, North Haledon, Prospect Park, and Wayne.
Haledon is a beautiful town.
by SO25HD May 31, 2015
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