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Haiven is like a perfect haven. Normally known to have wavy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Is an amazing girl known to be shy and sensitive, yet standing up for herself when she needs to. Always managing to find the one special guy for her. She doesn't need to change, and needs to talk calling herself fat. Also Haivens are normally short.Good friend and will be loyal to you like a golden retreiver. Everyone wants a Haiven to be their freind, but her defenses are up because she been hurt, but once your walls are down she'll tell you anything. She also is a very forgiving, sexy, and funny person!
Kayla: you see that girl?
Hayley: yea.
Kayla: she is the best friend in the world!
Hayley: really whats her name?
Kayla: Haiven
by Aavelina April 22, 2011
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