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Noun- To be a Hairzilla. Being extremely lame and/or saying/doing/implying something that everybody else around you believes to be one of if not the gayest things they've heard/seen in a while. Being called a Hairzilla usually proceeds the eventual "awww" from the others around you.
Person 1- "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
Person 2- "Hairzilla..."
People 3-8- "Awww."
Person 1- "..."
by Y2Jensen October 27, 2005
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A Party Rock band formed in 1984 in Saint Louis, MO. They recorded several albums for Uncle Fess Records and broke up in early 1990. The original band reformed in 2005 and is currently touring.
Hairzilla rocks the house!
I've been Hairzillafied!
This is a Hairzillafest!
Check out those Hairzillas!
by Mike Rogers April 06, 2006
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