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(hair-ee-ogamy) (n):a ritual practiced by many families in rural villages that consists of every member of a family removing all facial hair i.e( eyebrows/eyelashes/lip hair/chin hair) combining it to create a soup or drink that is then consumed by the youngest member of the family (mainly boys) in order for that individual to grow facial hair in a matter of days
"Woah! Check out the bristles on that 6 year old Columbian! It must've taken him years to grow that."

"Nah I've seen younger. His parents are probably hairyogomists. Poor kid...take a picture!"

"My parents are firm believers in hairyogamy. Every month I have to eat my dad's eyelash fondue with a side of my mom's pube lemonade"

"Dude you know it's only supposed to be facial hair right?"

"Damn it mom you said my beard would grow softer if i drank your lemonade!"
by TheRuggedGiant September 27, 2010
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