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The likelihood of a person harboring secret desires to engage in sexual and/or romantic activities with members of the same sex is directly proportional to the frequency and volume of said person's vocalized objections to homosexuality.
Haggard's Law, Ted Haggard, Roy Ashburn, Priests from that Vatican Scandel
by maxiplatypus March 05, 2010
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A pseudo term for straight people who hate gays. It is an attempt to derail straight people from speaking out against the mentally ill state of homosexuality. Typically gays and charlatan sympathists (straight people who have done many drugs or bad things in their life) need to derail the good people of society. They are just grasping for straws because they feel the need to feel good about themselves. The irony is that the charlatans sympathists most likely hate gays themselves which is why they go to the extent to push a law that calls a straight person gay (because of course it is a bad thing even in their eyes). A law in science means that it can not be disproven. Well I hate gays more than anyone and I can confirm that I have only wanted to be with the opposite sex. So disproven. You lose faggots.
Haggard's Law is not real yet idiots on the internet keep quoting it.
by haggardwasaretard September 15, 2015
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