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She is an amazing girl who will always have your back no matter ur situation she's very loyal and has her eyes fr one person. U can count on her when u need her and she tends to be shy but once you know her you'll realise her personality-wild ,crazy and loving
I'd just love to have an amazing friend like Hafsah
by UnicornLover💖 July 03, 2017
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For a name that means lioness her characteristics are pretty fitting. In all honesty words cannot do this girl justice. Hands down most breathtaking person you will ever meet. Her naturally stunning features are enough to put you in a daze and if looks could kill... Her intense looks are worth everything, when she’s in her element you know because she has this radiating vibe that can lighten up any room, that’s when you catch a glimpse of the real Hafsah under all that tough exterior. She is one of the most loyal and loving people you will ever meet in your life, a true diamond. However not many get to appreciate this side of her because like a puzzle she takes time to work out and finding every piece is a battle in its own but if you stick through it the rewards are more than you will ever need. She has a look about her that no girl can replicate; her bad ass attitude and her amazing body gets you like *damn mamí* The thing is though she doesn’t care about what others think of her she does what she wants for herself and herself only. Her class is incomparable, from the way she walks to how she dresses to impress.
Guy: “I think I’m in love”
Guy 2: “With who?”
Guy: “Her, who is she”
Guy 2: “That’s Hafsah, good luck tryna hit that, she’ll savage the fuck out of you if you even think about trying anything”
Guy: “ I’ll take my chances”
Guy 2: “I’m doing you a solid dude, look but don’t touch unless you rlly play with fire
Guy: “ sounds like my kind of game”
Guy 2: “like I said before, good luck”
Guy: “she’s the one I know she is”
Guy 2: “I wish there was more girls like Hafsah”
by XavierCruz December 28, 2017
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Hafsah is sooo pretty and crazy u will never find a friend like Hafsah she’s very loyal short sweat and Frinds with every one she has pretty hair and can be rly dumb sometimes but that’s why every one loves her
#pretty #nigga # crazy #get ur self a hafsah
by Chicken nugget 5115 July 15, 2018
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In ancient mythology, hafsah was used to describe one as a genius. Now it is rarely used, however, in some popular ancient pieces it can be found. The part of a hafsah also has to be pretty intellectual and also carry good looks.
Everything went wrong. There was no one to help. Then Julius Ceasar knew of one person he thought could save the day. Her name was Hafsah. She was smart, she was cunning, she was HAFWOMAN!
by Slurpx January 14, 2010
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She’s an a amazing friend who’s veary loyal and veary goofy and funny and super pretty she soooo nice and short if u had a friend named Hafsah u would be hells lucky she has pretty hair had she’s friend with every one
by Chicken nugget 5115 July 15, 2018
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Hafsah is an amazing and beautiful person who never fails to make anyone smile. She’s a hoe well not exactly but hoe gang gang. She should always stay happy and is a loyal friend. Her best friend is lucky to have her as she’s the best and one of a kind. Her interests are geko and fit guys🌚🌚🌚🌚.
by Hannah.Sumeer March 25, 2019
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