Wanting to cover his tracks, anonymous wiped all traces of his hacktivity.
by Dragontat1989 November 25, 2013
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Politically motiviated hacking. Some examples include denial of service attacks against conservative groups, defacement of political websites, malicious software development, and website parodies. Tends to be leftist and has close ties with anarchy.
When the media is taken over by conservative propaganda, citizens can engage in underground hacktivism to fight back.
by sephos August 31, 2006
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A combination or portmanteau of the words hack and activate meaning the use of alternate methods to gain access to computer programs or hardware.

hacktivate differs from cracktivate: hacktivate does not imply malicious intent.
I had to hacktivate my authentic copy of MS Office because I lost the product key.
by uzebdrumz January 1, 2012
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