Pertaining to a 'habit' of masturbation.
Also pertains to 'habitat,' per example of inability to masturbate outside of own habitat/ surrounding.
Although voyeurs may exhibit a 'habit' of masturbation, non-voyeurs are unable to exhibit 'habitual' masturbation traits.
'Habitat' defines the ability to masturbate in a certain place, and/or the inability to do so in another.
'Habit' defines 'Chronic masturbation.'
Sharon Stone's character Carly Norris in the movie: Sliver, is a habitual masturbator on account of her chronic masturbation in the shower. She exhibits a habit of chronic masturbation within the comfortable confinements of her own habitat.

Chronic and/or excessive masturbation.
by 1mp3rial December 31, 2011
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When you masturbate habitually, you masturbate not because you want to, but because it is that time of the day.
"Hey, where's Andre?"
"It's 2:30. Habitual masturbation must've gotten the best of him."
by gbrodee April 7, 2015
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