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1 - Nickname for a girlfriend's ponge, intended to be in a cute manner.
2 - Said as a slang when one is freakishly happy or excited.
After a fantastic meal at Red Lobster, I stretched and said,"Habada! That was awesome!"
by akshat87 December 16, 2011
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A term of many meanings, mostly for the use of satire and frustration but also used when excited
The exact meaning of the word is not definite as it can be used in many ways
"I want a super triple decker bean burrito with extra potatoes"
"Wtf why a triple burrito lol"
"Because habada"

"No fuck you I'm right dammit lol"
"Don't habada me lmao I'm right"

*laughing hysterically at a stupid joke

*continues to laugh like an idiot
by SirCynicalScrub May 23, 2018
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