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Ha Neul is an entity at the school of MRHS; he is ridiculously crazy and quite socialistic in behavior and mentality. He has a grin that will make you piss yourself, but also a smirk that will haunt you for the rest of your life. His laughing varies from that of a constipated witch to that of a wallaby on heroine. Enjoying archaic language, his language is sometimes hard to understand as he also has a semi-heavy accent. Regardless, Ha Neul is a band Nazi, representing North Korean marching band members/AP students all over the United States.
Ha Neul is a crazy mudda trucka.
by applesnacks April 21, 2010
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Character from the webtoon Distant Sky.
Wow Haneul is not badass at all!
by Fue... September 09, 2018
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cute bb with a huge heart. they know all the video memes in the book. They have a big heart and everyone gets drawn to them quickly.
"ah i miss haneul!"
"They're probably at home at netflix"
by taraurfave May 12, 2018
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