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The 5 most prestigious universities in the United States:

Harvard University
Yale University
Princeton University
Stanford University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Admissions to HYPSM is extremely competitive.
by dedicated scholar November 15, 2011
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Top schools used by Americans in the US: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and MIT.

However, schools like Berkeley and Caltech are equal to or more well-known than Princeton in terms of prestige and clout internationally and arguably domestically.
Princeton kids say, β€œyeah, I go to HYPSM,” or β€œoh, I go to the number 1 school on USNews,” but never say that β€œthey go to Princeton” when abroad directly to college bound folks because HYPSM is more well known and not accurate.
by RegretfulPrincetonStudent June 09, 2019
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