Hyah!! is the sound a certain Link makes under any, and every circumstance. He can make it as an agreement sound, an anger sound, a pain sound, honestly any sound.

Pronunciation: (hee- yah)
*a bokoblin hits Link in the head with a club*
Link: -HYAH.....
* a random townsfolk needs a few rupees*
Link: Hyah! *gives the townsfolk his life savings*
Townsfolk: ...wow um i- don't know what to say.... thank you so much...may Hylia bless you
Link: Hyah!!
*Malon is confessing her feeling to Link*

Malon: Link i love you!
Link: ...hyah.
Malon: L-Link you don't feel the same?!
Link: Hyah!
Malon: *runs away crying*
by world_ dominationn March 16, 2020
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The noise that the Pokemon "Staryu" makes
Trainer- Staryu! Use rapid spin!
Staryu- Hyah!
by CalvinG August 13, 2009
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An exclamation of approval or excitement. Can also be used as a greeting an exclamation of triumph or as a way to show confusion about what someone has said.
"Cake is on Conan tonight! Hyah!"

"HYAH! ...Bitches"
by PfVegas December 6, 2010
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