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A term used to describe when you randomly meet a group of guys at the club and they ask you and your friends to meet up at the local spot (ie: Dennys, Waffle House, etc.). However, you get there and the guys only want to chill, drink water, and order some appetizer buffalo wings and you notice some other "bosses" at other tables eatin right! So you all decide to chill and hang with the current guys. So you walk out with the thought of leaving because they appear to be lame, and to your surprise they are because you come back only to realize that your group of new male friends have just left. So your girlfriend says, "You wanna go back in and sit with one of them other tables of dudes?" And your reply:
"UHHH NO! Bitch it is trickin if you got it! And I ain't about to look like a hungry hoe!"
by Goonesha December 31, 2008
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