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Pronounced: "How-it"

beyond hot, and hotter than HAWT. its like the hottest something can get without creaming yourself. and not hot as in temperature, but hot as in sexiness.
God DAMN Jeremy is HOWAT!
by WRXFTW June 10, 2006
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(n). An action so unique, rediculous, and unexpected that it exceeds the scope of unbelieveable.

(adj). unique, rediculous, unexpected, exceeding expectations of unbelieveable.
The most howat thing I have ever seen was last winter, when Jeremy urinated wildly on my lawn in an attempt to spell his name while failing to realize my father was right behind him.

The time Jeremy realized he forgot his concert tickets and keys in his house and broke down his door to get them was really howat.
by Ross S August 07, 2005
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