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Shes your best friend and you got her back and she got yours you listen to her problems and when you and your boyfriend break up a hema is always their for and will beat the fuck out of him.
you and hema have been bestfriends from the start and you two will grow old together and be besties till the end.
she is a kind beautiful person and has fun with you all the time
wow she must be hema she looks really beautiful
by purplepurplePOW October 01, 2017
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Usually a badass girl that doesn't give no fucks Sge cares for her friends more then you think. And she can beat up any guy in half a second.
Dude look at that badass she must be a Hema
by Girl who slays June 23, 2016
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A shop in the Netherlands, famous due to it's saucages. Sells all kinds of stuff.

Also the name of the second coolest member on
Yo HEMA ur so cool too

HEMA: I know too
by HEMA November 30, 2004
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