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He don't care, can be used when texting, instagram, snapchat.
Girl 1: I still love him.
Girl 2: He cheated on you twice, girl HDC about you.
Girl 1: You right.
by Hot.n.chilly.memes August 19, 2017
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'Heavy-Duty Cutie' (acronym): 1. Short-hand 'call sign' for a person having exceptionaly adorable and endearing qualities. baby's laughing, baby cows, LOL cats, kittens, and your baby-cousin are all CUTE; HDC-level cuteness renders such cuteness rude and abrupt by comparison.

2. a woman who exhibits un-paralleled HDC-type cuteness as a matter of course, like she doesn't even try, also called 'special k', or 'supergirl', or 'stace'
by bdp01 July 23, 2010
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High Dick Count - A woman with more than a desirable number of sexually partners in her lifetime.
I don't need no shorty with a HDC. I need me a shorty that has not smashed all my friends and potential friends!
by JustOneMe September 24, 2010
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An H.D.C. defined as a HEAD DOWN CHAMPION...a women who is embarrassed by eating in public and will look to her left and right and stuffs her face with her head down because she is to fucking ashamed of her self and believes shes being judged but clearly no one gives a flying fuck...this usually stems deep rooted from daddy issues...lying and cheating boyfriends who pray on these non self esteem ladies who in reality ain't ugly at all...
Hey mike...check out that fucking HDC eating a burger shes ashamed of...she should have more confidence than that...
by 161river August 21, 2018
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