A high school located in the Square (Franklin Square). This school is absolute, unfiltered, full-strength bullllllshiiiieeeeet. Nobody enjoys going here, and the teachers either look like they're about ready to hang themselves or like they just snorted 50 lines of cocaine. Some of these people have been taken care of and sent to the proper authorities. Drinking is possibly the single largest activity in these poor teenagers' social lives. They go to school with destroyed livers, and posts of their nefarious activities posted promptly on Instagram, Twitter, etc. Watch out for the seniors, they drink the most, smoke the most (WEED AND OTHER), and party the hardest. My advice to students attending this year...TRANSFER ASAP.
man #1 - "I wouldn't step inside of H. Frank Carey High School if you paid me!"

shrek - "Aye, laddy!"
by ShrekTheSilentBedIntruder69 August 21, 2014
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This school located in Franklin square. This school is the shittest school in Long Island. If you tell anyone you go here they look at you up and down and ask how you survive there. Most of the 7th-9th graders vape/ smoke weed. The seniors snort crack and other substances. The teachers either look like there ready to shoot themselfs or are high asf. Also full of homophobic racist white boys. Honestly Fuck this school is so bad
You go to h frank carey?”
“That must suck
by Skylerthecreator August 21, 2022
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