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A Gytautas is someone highly sexual, generally of Lithuanian descent and who generally has blonde to light brown hair, beautiful blue eyes and a magnificent physique. A Gytautas is an avid gamer who is fair and just.

While generally not enjoying this name (most people named Gytautas often shorten their name to Gytis), his name is often considered to be very attractive to outsiders.

People who are named Gytautas are generally extremely good lovers, owing to their sexual nature, open desires and slight to moderate shyness.
"Oh my goodness Gytautas! Your cock is so amazing - and you're such a magnificent lover!"

"Your eyes are a gorgeous shade of blue and boy do I love it when you say aลก tave myliu to me! What a stunning example of being Gytautas you are!"

"I just whupped ass on League of Legends like a grade A Gytautas! Rekt and winning!
by Hellfire Lady of Hades April 02, 2015
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