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The attraction to women or femininity. This is a sort of polite way of asking sexual orientation. If a man is gynephilic, he is heterosexual. If a woman is gynephilic, she is homosexual.
Harold: Damn, Lisa is so hot.
Don: Good luck with that, dude, she's gynephilic.
Harold: She's what?
by thewhiterabbit13 December 26, 2011
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This is a broad sexual attraction to ALL THINGS "feminine." That can range from attraction to a normal female (XX), to transgender women, to androgynous individuals, and even femboys or traps. The key here is "do they look, feel, appear, or present" as "feminine"? If so, a Gynephile is going to be interested in them.
Jon: I saw Tim with a girl the week before, then a trap yesterday, and now he's with some androgynous person, what the hell is going on?

Mike: Hah, yea, you aren't wrong, but Tim's a gynephile. He likes anything feminine looking or presenting. That's what Gynephilia means.

Jon: Even transgender girls?

Mike: ANYONE that presents as feminine, yes. If they look feminine, a gynephile is interested. That's what gynephilia is all about.

Jon: Ok got it, so it's like a polite way of asking if someone is straight?

Mike: ...what did I just tell you?
by ShadyKuns September 10, 2019
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A strange fetish where a younger male has sexual desires or is sexually attracted to an older female person.
Robert: John's acting kinda fishy around that lady over there. Looks like he's checkin her out.

Mark: Really?

Robert: yeah

Mark: Whoa, isn't she like 7 years older than him or something?

Robert: be Gynephilia kickin in then.... damn.

Mark: what's that mean?

Robert: when a guy gots the hots for an older woman
by farukhan July 15, 2010
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