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Gym hippies are usually popular and everybody loves them and they welcome them with a smile. This karma chaser has a look of peaceful confidence, wearing yoga pants (regardless of gender) and unkempt hair. An earthy odour maybe mixed with patchouli or incense, and occasionally the aroma of Snoop Doggs concert. They are extremely friendly and their passive nature tranquilizes your soul which is a bad thing because the only reason you listen to AC/DC on your Ipod is to get hyped up. Make sure you don't get too friendly with a gym hippie because the conversation make turn to hot political topics such as their opinion on the Government or the situation between Donald Trump and Kim John-Un, which you'll have to kindly excuse yourself from or be locked into a 15 minute listening session when all you really wanted to do was your last set of leg presses.
Girl 1: 'What on earth is Angelica doing?'
Girl 2: 'She's blessing us all with her Angel dust'
Girl 1: 'She's so cute, she's just a gym hippie'
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by Kick Ass Gal April 21, 2018
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