Flat and crusty as known as Jeays Matz
Some asshole:Have you seen Gym Floor today?

another asshole :no i have not yet.
by FBMS May 13, 2019
Definition: Flat and crusty, known as Jeays Matz
Some asshole: Have you seen Gym Floor today?

Another asshole: No i haven't yet..
by FBMS May 13, 2019
When u bang a chick for to long and her clit starts to sqeak.
Yo I was banging that chick last night and we where goin at it for hours! Her pussy started to sound like sneakers on a gym floor!
by Mr.Wigles September 11, 2009
When taking tests in middle school and high school PE classes and you're forced to lay down on the floor, the floor is often cold enough that it causes female's nipples to stiffen up, and male's penises to become erect. The males seeing the results of the female's condition only worsens the male's response to the syndrome.

Often referred to as 'GFS' in passing.
Guy 1: Did you check out Becky's Gym Floor Syndrome?
Guy 2: I know, and thanks to that it's gonna be after lunch before my own GFS goes away.
by sm4k September 14, 2009