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Verb: To get, get with, kill, or stab.

Past tense: Gwot

Used as a slang term by many hustlas and pimps.
Ex. "I'm about to gwit that new X-box 360.
by kingb May 16, 2007
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acronym: Guess What I'm Thinking.

An unfair and/or impossible task (unless you are Derren Brown).
A riddle that masquerades as sophisticated but which can only be solved by mind-reading.
A (chucklehead: Bet you can't GWIT
B: Yeah, i can't really be bothered.
A: Oh go on, i'm not gonna give you any clues though.
B: Are you enjoying this?
A: Yes
B: I'm not.
A: Go on, GWIT... please.
by foferka-azaki February 01, 2019
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