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To make somebody bite a gutter, then to stomp on their head thus shattering their teeth.
Hey Bradley, I am gonna gutter stomp you till your head is bleeding and then your girlfriend wont think your so pretty will she.
by Steven Wilkinson April 09, 2007
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The act by which one uses suggestive words or themes to lead another's thought process towards foul meanings, then forcefully accuses them of having their mind in the gutter.
Girl- Can you hand me the big black one?

Guy- I hope you mean the cup.

Girl- Duh, everyone knows I love them big and black.

Guy- That's just wrong.


Guy- Bitch, you just gutterstomped the the shit out me.
by IPushTheseButtons December 21, 2009
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Is seen as a last resort when fighting someone one the side of the street, this is a very powerful form of fighting it can be lethal if wearing blunt stones or formal shoes. Gutted stomping is seen as a weak Thing to do so try do he private with such activities. The Gutter stomp forces the foe in the draining system with the foot of the attacker
Spectator: here we have the drunk gambler in his natural habitat the street, as we see him preforming his on tactic of defence, the gutter stomp, forcing the helpless man into the gutter with his shoe. Oh and that's that the police have pulled up and arrest the drunk cunt.
by Big boy malcevoy November 12, 2016
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