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Gunbummies are shitposters in the firearm community who fall under the following criteria:
-shitpost more often than shoot
-obsess over other men
-more often than not, cling to one brand of firearm despite having no experience in others
-have a lot to say despite usually owning a small number of firearms (usually one or two)
-attempt to use shitposting to garner attention to compensate for their abysmally low likes/subs/views on their preferred social media platform (much the way a gunbunny would use cleavage to feel validation).
-oftentimes use buzzwords as would a tumblrina (thot, ____ is a meme, etc) while simultaneously rejecting popular buzzwords from the general firearm community in a hipster-like manner (moldy labia).
Gunbummies are oftentimes incels and despise anyone with more popularity than themselves; especially females which they are prone to specifically loathe.

Gunbummies may lash out if confronted, resulting in an almost estrogen-fueled tenacity to win online arguments. This behavior leads some to believe being a gunbummy may be linked to low testosterone and/or obesity.
It is of note that most gunbummies rarely -if ever- reveal themselves intentionally; due to their fear of being confirmed as incels.
Man 1: did you see the newest Miculek video with Lena in it? She's a chip off the old block.
Gunbummy: she's a total thot.

Man 1: Did you just say "thot" like the rappers say?
Gunbummy: Yeah man all gunbunnies are thots

Man 2: Right. Anyways, let's go shoot this weekend. I got a Korth I want to test out.
Gunbummy: Why would you get a Korth? Total trash man you should have just gone with a Glock 19. Only gun worth getting.

Man 1: Huh? Okay well how about I bring out my new AR? I just finished putting on-
Gunbummy: Why would you get an AR? Glock brand Glock is best Glock.
Man 1: ....... Why are you so buttblasted? You only have a Glock, don't you?
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by Cyril the Virus November 01, 2017
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