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A gay person's cum...
Like, spunk and, cum but, gay.
Stinks of ass or is contaminated with Aids

Only a few gifted people can say this properly get it right ;)

To illustrate it more clearly
It's like:
-Bryan Singer
-Boy George
-Elton John
-John Barrowman
-Anderson Cooper
and Alan, Cumming all Gumking in a massive Gumk fest!

NOTE! This is only to be used for MALE, homosexuals. Female ones are alright jk

I created this 100%, so fakerz: EAT GUMK!
-Here comes the Gumk wagon! , Gay person)

-What's your mum's favourite milk she likes to drink with tea?
Condensed Gumk!

-I know your type; You can't, Gumk

, Anal sex
by Skibbidy December 18, 2010
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